Our company has domestic academician workstation in its field.

On the basis of independent research and innovation, our company has established long- term close cooperation relationships with nine research institutes and colleges in manufacturing, learning and research.We also set up academician workstation and employed academician Zou guangtian, Wu yangjie, and Shen dezhong as our guidances. With their great support, remarkable achievements has been made in the field of independent research, application of the technology and manufacturing.

Our company possesses the state-level technical center identified by five Ministries of China.

Zhengzhou synthetic diamond and products engineer technology research center Co.,Ltd, one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond Joint-stock Co., Ltd, mainly focuses on research in diamond and related superhard material products. Due to the strong research capability and abundant accomplishment, our company was admitted as state-level technical center by the union of NDRC, Ministry of Technology , Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, and State Taxation Administration in Sep. 2007.

Our company possessed domestic industry nationally recognized testing laboratory.

The detection of various materials of diamond is fundamental for development & research as well as production. It is closely related to products testing for formulating standards, improving quality of production and gaining international recognition. It is assembled with the latest advanced testing equipments for detecting raw material of diamond, accessory materials and diamond finished-products. The reports issued by our center are admitted by more than 170 countries and districts...